Long Vowels

Long Vowels in Arabic

  1. ا + َ Long Aaa – “Alif” comes after letter with harakat “Fatha”, and “Alif” itself doesn’t have harakat.
  2. ي + ِ – Long Iii – “Ya” comes after letter with harakat “Kasra”, and “Ya” itself doesn’t have harakat.
  3. و+  ُ Long Uuu – “Waw” comes after letter with harakat “Damma”, and “Waw” itself doesn’t have harakat.
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    الْوَجَبَاتُ الثَّلاث فَطُور [‘altafu:r] breakfast عَشَاء [‘asha:’] dinner عَشَاء [‘asha:’] dinner

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