Language quest-marathon between woman and man

Language Quest-Marathon

Starts on February 7

Challenge yourself with awesome activities everyday.

What is Quest-Marathon?

The marathon consists of 10 quest-tasks, each takes 2 days to complete. The duration of the marathon is 20 days.

Community of Language Enthusiasts

We gather learners who are in LOVE with Arabic or any other language and want to find like-minded people.

Unique and Fun

Each time the participants receive a new task, a quest that you don’t know about in advance.

No Limits

You choose the materials you want to work with based on your interests and level of language proficiency. The only conditions are to comply with the theme of each quest-task & deadline!

Any Language at Any Level

The main advantage of the quest-marathon is that you can participate with absolutely any level of your chosen language, because you choose the material yourself!

What awaits you on the Quest-Marathon?

During the quest-marathon, you will discover a completely different way of language learning. You will watch your favorite movies, talk shows, and culinary programs, leave your comments and reviews on websites, read books, and learn your favorite songs. As a result, you will replenish the vocabulary in the way that no textbook can teach!
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Group Chat for Participants
The quest-marathon takes place in a private Telegram chat, in which we post tasks, and participants share their results.
Each participant receives a workbook for completing quest-tasks. It is created by the founder and designer of the school – Yana. In addition, in the notebook you will find 10 pages of useful information and life hacks for learning Arabic.
Powerful boost of your language
20 days of language learning with your favorite materials and topics without textbooks, but with teachers’ help and feedback.
We will do a raffle of 2 prizes from our line of products among those participants who completed and submitted all the tasks on time!


The marathon exercise book supports you with completion of quest-tasks. It also provides useful information for learning Arabic, French or any other language. Each participant receives the PDF workbook after enrolling in our quest-marathon.
Choice to Speak - Language Marathon Workbook Cover

Pick the option

Choice to Speak Language Quest-Marathon

(any language)

USD 15

  • Private Chat
  • Designer-made workbook for assignments
  • Participation in Raffle
Choice to Speak Language Quest-Marathon

Teacher Support
(only 10 slots available!)

USD 30

  • Private Chat
  • Designer-made workbook for assignments
  • Participation in Raffle
  • Individual feedback from Arabic or French native speaker teachers

Monthly Digest

Worksheets and templates for language learning!

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