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Dreams, wishes, goals… Are you setting the goals? And how many of them do you achieve at the end? The main reason that people give up on a goal is that they don’t remember it. It is a kind of habit nowadays. We promise to ourselves to achieve our resolutions, however on the way to it we were distracted somehow and as a result, we tend to forget about that big dream within routing life. I recall in childhood my sister and myself were writing down goals we wanted to accomplish for the upcoming year and sealing them in an envelope to be opened in 1 year. It was our ritual before New Year comes. All we did was writing down all the desired wishes and dreams on a piece of paper and put them in an envelope. Do you think we did well on our goals? Nope, we really hadn’t done much.

Recently I set down the goal to learn how to paint. It is especially difficult for me since I never experienced it in my life. I bought the book, tassels, paints, canvas, and an easel. For the first 1 week, I was motivated and managed to practice at least 20 min a day. After 1 week, realizing that it is very difficult and prioritizing other things, I forgot about my goal. As a result, I forgot most of the things that I learned during my classes. The problem is that I usually don’t remember the classes that I need to complete.

What does this have to do with learning a new language? Well, many of you have a goal to learn a new language. That is a great and noble goal. Many of you will get busy and forget that you made this goal. You won’t remember it. Plan time each day to work on your goals, and remember to remind yourself. If you can set up alarms and reminders or add it 30-45 min to your calendar on your cell phone, that is usually the best way to remind yourself. Remember to remember. Do you have any tips or ideas that have helped you remember?

Yana Solodkova

Yana Solodkova

Founder of Choice to Speak & Choice to Travel. Business Analyst. Hyperflexible stubborn.

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