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Arabic Compliments

🧩 I N F O G R A P H I C S: Arabic Compliments

The best way to remember things is to visualize! That’s why we come up with an idea to create infographics to explain Arabic grammar, build your vocabulary, and much more. More infographics you can find here.

Fairy Tale Cartoons
Fairy Tales in Fusha with English Subtitles
Islamic Cartoons and More VideosA plethora of Islamic Cartoons in Arabic (fusha) with English subtitles.
PlayalingA free service that allows you to view videos of people speaking Arabic. You can filter by difficulty and dialect.
How’s your family?

These are only a few of the most popular words. The Arabic language is full of compliments and, moreover, it has the biggest variety among all the other languages. It would be great to learn which one do you know already. Share with us what compliments do you use?

Learning Arabic might seemed to be difficult. It is true before you meet the professionally certified teacher, and who, most importantly, knows how to make it simple to understand. Thus, Choice to Speak conducts different courses and also offers private tutoring. Feel free to reach out to ask for advice.

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