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5 Techniques to Memorize Arabic that Really Work

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In fact, there are not many ways to memorize foreign words. We offer you 5 of the most effective.


You might be upset, but unfortunately, there is no way to memorize Arabic words once and forever. Without repeating the words you are learning, you will not go far in studying them. Interval memorization is the regular repetition of words at certain fixed intervals. The efficiency of memorization depends on the intervals. But in general, the principle is valid here, the more often the better. After the interval memorization, we move to the stage of interval usage.


Comprehended memorization of words is the memorization of words in context. As part of whole phrases and even sentences. So we do not just memorize a word, but we also understand in which situations its use is appropriate. As the word “know” is translated into Arabic عرف, علم. All options are correct but used in different contexts. عرفت زيدا (learned zayd) علمت معناه (learned its meaning). When studying phrases, we not only learn more words. Try to understand the meaning of the subject. Comprehended memorization is 9 times faster and more effective than learning by heart.


The learning words should be written on stickers and posted in places where we spend a lot of time. At the same time do not forget about point 2. The use of stickers is called easy memorization since our glance often comes into contact with stickers and unwittingly words are memorized. Imagine that you see the same stranger every day. Over time, you will begin to recognize him and forget if the meetings stop, but recognize if they start to repeat again, this is already a point 1.


With the help of cards, it is easiest to create interval conditions for memorizing words. Cards with words are always with you and are convenient for viewing at any time of the day. Do not forget about points 1 and 2. Using cards together with stickers makes memorization as efficient as possible.

5) ACTION 🕺💃🤳

Unfortunately or, perhaps, fortunately, all of the above does not work if you just do not keep on doing it. In most cases, this is the very moment, that does not allow learners to master the Arabic language. Any action, better than inaction. Just start to learn the words and remember that just learning the words is not enough to master the language.

All the hints that we discussed above are common for any language learning, not only Arabic. Which other ways do you know or practice that works for you to learn the words faster and in an effective way?

Yana Solodkova

Yana Solodkova

Founder of Choice to Speak & Choice to Travel. Business Analyst. Hyperflexible stubborn.

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